Affordable Housing


Over the last eight years single family home affordability in Santa Fe has plummeted and its only getting worse. If we do not tackle affordable housing at this most crucial juncture, Santa Fe will ultimately pay the price with our locals pushed out and our children settling elsewhere. We must do more to maintain the rich diversity of our neighborhoods and our community as a whole.

As a realtor I see firsthand how difficult it is for schoolteachers, police officers, and government employees to find housing. As a father of three children all born and raised in Santa Fe, I am keenly aware that most of our children will not be able to afford to move back home.

As president of the Santa Fe Association of Realtors I lobbied city leaders to increase the affordability housing trust fund to $3,000,000. Affordability is a crucial step in preventing gentrification and maintaining our diverse, inclusive community. With the $3,000,000 trust fund we can leverage state and federal grants to increase our impact threefold. But we must do more.

I am a strong advocate for home ownership because I know that home ownership is the primary resource the average person has to create wealth for their later years. The average net worth in 2021 of a person who rents is $8,000. Contrasting that for the person who owns a home, the average net worth is $297,000. Creating that stepladder from renting to owning can be accomplished in many ways. I strongly believe that I am the best candidate to help Santa Fe overcome this challenge because I see affordability as a moral issue.


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