Economic Development


During election season we all hear a lot about diversifying and growing our economy. Why doesn’t that happen? For starters, most tech and large national companies would not take a second look at Santa Fe because of our lack of affordable housing. So let us build up the businesses that are here now.

One of Santa Fe’s greatest resources is the vast treasure trove of creative people that live here. We should identify the “Creative Economy” as one of our economic engines and do more to promote them as an economic resource of our city. Whether working in film, fine arts, culinary, music, sound, or technology we can identify the creative arts as a specific economy for Santa Fe.

Outside of our government sector, tourism has been our primary economy, and much more can be done to grow and improve this industry.  Meow Wolf confirmed that people come here for a unique experience. Promoting more events, conferences, and new festivals is Santa Fe’s economic low hanging fruit. It creates more ways for us to get together and celebrate and puts money in the pockets of our workforce plus gross receipt revenue into the city’s coffers.

Santa Fe has more opportunity to grow our economy through cultural tourism than we know. For instance, as we are trying to better understand our culture, we can host a TED talks type conference on “Race, Culture, Art, and History” and invite recognized speakers and leaders. Santa Fe has all the resources and credibility to become a destination for just such an annual conference. The results of a conference like that would further our collective understanding, generate academic white papers, and boost our economy by filling up our hotels and restaurants.

How about having a “Faith Day?” Think of it like a spiritual job fair. Our city is uniquely poised and has the credibility to become the epicenter for a world spiritual conference. As the “City of Holy Faith” we can explore and celebrate our different faiths and again, invite the rest of the world too. How about a “Santa Fe Day” where we celebrate all Santa Feans…mayors love that kind of stuff. What about a Low Rider Museum? Cowboy Festival? You see where I’m going. The list of possibilities is endless and with a little vision and effort we can reboot our economy and grow it for generations to come.


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