Our Housing


A great many issues are connected to housing. Santa Fe’s homes are world famous for their unique and beautiful character and their harmonious relationship with the environment. We must continue to maintain that character as we deal with the challenges of growth and affordability. Housing, in my opinion, is the greatest issue facing Santa Fe and how we deal with housing directly affects our citizens, our culture, our economy, and our environment.

The lack of affordable housing adversely affects us all. It negatively impacts minority communities and communities of color; it adversely affects our workforce community, and our artistic community. Homebuilders of the past like Stamm and Bellamah understood that homes had to be affordable to those that lived and worked in Santa Fe.

It is a different world today and that requires different solutions. Without action, housing insecurity and shortages will continue to have an adverse impact on our quality of life and our economy. We can face our future housing issues without abandoning our unique character by dedicating ourselves to creating the Santa Fe Solution to affordable housing and I am committed to this goal.


Please contact:

Gary Cascio
Late Nite Grafix, Inc.
505 690-0542