Public Safety


There is an overwhelming feeling among Santa Fean’s that our city is becoming more dangerous. Safety is a major concern, and the news is full of stories about burglaries, vandalism, and even shootings on the Plaza! To combat this alarming trend, we count on police, but can they count on us?

Much has happened recently to undermine people’s faith in law enforcement, and we need to correct that. When I am on the city council, I will make certain that our police officers first and foremost get the respect that they deserve. The police are our partners in guaranteeing a high quality of life. They are not only here to protect us, but they are citizens, too. They sit next to us at our place of worship and coach our kids in sports and volunteer their time in countless ways.

I will ensure our police force has the funding and equipment necessary to do their job and keep our citizens safe. I will also make certain that our police force is receiving the latest training to deescalate and disarm situations before they turn violent. Modern policing must be transparent and accountable in actions, practices, and discipline with full disclosure of how often they use force.

I will support our police in fulfilling their mission of making the City of Santa Fe a better and safer place to work, learn, play, and stay.


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