Ballot Petition/Voting Info

If you are a registered voter for the city of Santa Fe District 1, then Roger could use your help. Before we can work together to bring needed change to our beloved city, Roger first has to get on the ballot.

Please help him get on the ballot by downloading and filling out the form below. And if you have the time, please ask your family and friends who live in District 1 to sign it also.

To ensure your petition is not rejected you and your fellow signees must:

  • Be a registered voter
  • Live in Santa Fe’s District 1
  • Sign only one candidate’s form
  • Sign in ink

Once you've finished, please contact Roger at (505) 699-8759 and we will make arrangements to pick up your form.

Thank you for your help!


Keep Santa Fe Different…Elect Roger Carson to the office of City Council, District 1.

Please download the pdf file below and help Roger get on the ballot

Ranked Choice Voting

Santa Fe city councilors…shall be elected using a ranked choice (sometimes called instant runoff) voting system allowing voters to rank in order of their preference the candidates for each office appearing on the ballot.

If, after counting all voters’ first choice listed on their ballots for an office, no candidate receives a majority of votes cast, the candidate with the fewest votes shall be eliminated. Each ballot shall be tallied again for that office counting the vote from each ballot for the highest ranked candidate who has not been eliminated. If still no candidate for that office receives a majority, the process shall be repeated until a candidate receives a majority of the votes for that office.

Confused About Ranked Choice Voting?

Confused about Ranked Choice voting in Santa Fe?

This PSA should help, but it won’t. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thank you, Christiana!

An independently produced parody by Christiana Lopez and Yves Armand Albaret.

Directed by Christiana Lopez

Series Created By Christiana Lopez

Written and Produced by Christiana Lopez and Yves Armand Albaret

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